Hight-contrast MN Hotel

Mindelheim, Germany - 2016

The thought of the modern decor of the hotel was to keep everything in black and white. The furniture was made of white and black lacquered melamine, coated panels. The floor is a special design floor in wood optics. He stands in contrast to the white, black furniture and brings a certain warmth into the room. To this end, the partition walls were adapted to the maple bathroom. The contrasting bathroom was similarly designed, dark large flowing to the white bathroom installations. The MN Hotel offers you twenty fully equipped, 24 square meters and affordable apartments. The room is equipped with a comfortable boxspring bed, a small table with two chairs, wardrobe with mirror. A small kitchen for cooking is available to you with cooker, cooking utensils, sink and refrigerator. The bathroom was furnished with sliding door, shower, toilet and sink with mirror. There is free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV for entertainment.

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