Interior design and interior fitting

In the following you find a selection of our projects grouped by styles:

Modern interior design

Design furniture in modern style and tailor-made. creative furniture, fancy fittings, furniture made in Germany, tailor-made interior

Classic interior design

Design furniture in classic style with luxury cabinets. made in Germany classic furniture, conventional interiors, vintage furniture

Rural interior design

Rural living atmosphere with wooden interiors.

Kassel, Germany - 2019

Tailor-made dressing room and entrance

Ammersee, Germany - 2018

Modern villa with country house style

classic dining room Memmingen, Germany - 2017

Classical-rural interior

Country kitchen with oblique cooking island Mindelheim, Germany - 2017

Country kitchen with modern stress

old wood bed covering with headboard and night lights Mindelheim, Germany - 2016

refaced with matured forest

Kitchen Landsberg, Germany - 2012

Rustic kitchen with extraordinary fabrics

Holzhausen, Germany - 2012

Classic Country in style

Germany - 2012

Pretty in country- style

Mindelheim, Germany - 2012

Country-style in our showroom

Germany - 2010

Drawings Kitchen in Country-Style

Germany - 2010

Colourful fabrics for cozy dinette

Allgäu, Germany - 2010

Elegant Country-Kitchen

Dinning area Landsberg, Germany - 2009

Country-Style painted by hand

rustic dinning area with wall covering Bavaria, Germany - 2009

Rustic Dinning Area

Rural Kitchen Allgäu, Germany - 2008

Rural Kichen with modern fittings

Schwaben, Germany - 2008

Eat- In Kitchen for connoisseur

Los Angeles, USA - 2008

Los Angeles meets Country- Style

Allgäu, Germany - 2008

Cozy Family-House in Allgäu

Roßhaupten, Germany - 2007

Eating Corner

Allgäu, Germany - 2007

Kitchen in Allgäu

Bavaria, Germany - 2007

Countryhouse meets modern housing

Allgäu, Germany - 2006

Massiv corner seat

Augsburg, Germany - 2006

Mediterranean Villa

Germany - 2005

Spruce - Country- Kitchen

Bavaria, Germany - 2004

House in rural surrounding

Commercial interior design

Exclusive commercial furnishings with extraordinary functionality.