Tastefully renovated Bauhaus bungalow

Günzburg, Germany - 2020

Within the renovation of the Bauhaus-style bungalow planned by the architect, Wagner Möbel Manufaktur was largely responsible for the entire portfolio: the concept was worked out in cooperation with the client and the design for the furniture and interior design was continued in line with the Bauhaus style philosophy. Particular attention was paid to the use of natural materials - such as oiled surfaces and organic clay plaster. The glaze of the existing ceiling beams in combination with the installation of lacquered stretch ceilings in the intermediate fields and LED light points underline the modern style of the house. The industrial look of the double-leaf sliding door with an antique iron look also contributes to this, creating a separation between the living / dining area and the stairwell. In the custom-made staircase in the cubic style, timeless high-quality oak was deliberately built in, which can be found in the furniture and floor material, as well as the interior doors. The color-reduced floor coverings and built-in furniture stand in an exciting contrast to the recurring metallic tones of the bronze / champagne-colored outer door and window frames as well as the deliberately placed brass-colored front door. Individual pieces of furniture were tastefully added by the client. The clean look of the open-plan adjoining studio creates an ideal basis for creative work. The suspended ceiling with integrated, color-variable LED strips and the open fireplace give the room additional atmosphere. The existing travertine floor was retained for stylistic reasons and the surface was refurbished.

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