Classic in our showroom

Mindelheim, Germany - 2017

We are refreshing our exhibition rooms from time to time in our showroom in Mindelheim. Recently, a new classic room with Fendi furniture has been created. Fendi is an internationally renowned Italian fashion company, especially for its handbags, fur and leather goods. At Fendi Casa furniture has been reinterpreted for more than 20 years in the style of Fendi. Fendi rooms live from contrast-rich constellations and, above all, furniture in natural colors. We would like to impress our intimate with this exclusive and high-quality furnishing style and illustrate the classic "Fendi-Living-Philosophy". The dark gray, hand-painted walls with white, painted and patinated wood and stucco sections illustrates the classic style. The exhibition furniture is in contrast to the dark walls. To give our visitors a great insight, the furniture is combined in various colors and materials. The generous cream colored 2-seater sofa are made of high-quality cotton velor with the hand embroidered or embossed Fendi brand. In addition, there are two comfortable, 360° rotatable individual armchairs suitable for every position, two cufflinkle leather poufs in the best workmanship and a square larger stool with leather embossing. The closeness of the room is underlined by the knotted viscose carpet in best quality. Noble accessories, such as glass, pillow, ceiling or lamp, give the room a shine. The wide selection of colors, fabrics and leather leave plenty of scope for creative combinations. We look forward to your visit to the Showroom Mindelheim.

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