Office, fireplace and dining room

Stuttgart, Germany - 2017

The office design in a light-dark contrast. The large white surfaces of the office cabinets and the shelves are in contrast with the leather-covered brown desk top. The spots are integrated into the classic shaped ceiling and create the perfect room lighting for work. The desk shape in an unique form is a real eye-catcher. The fireplace room offers many extras and is a feel-good place to relax. The panorama chimney provides an extraordinary atmosphere. Hidden TV, hidden wine cabinet and hidden cigar collection make the room even more unique. The TV, which runs out of the wall, the wine cabinet, which appears inconspicuous from a pedestal and the cigar collection, which is hidden in the couch table, are all a highlight for themselves. In addition, the customer's pipe collection is integrated into the wall and illuminated. The dining room is very classic. The large table with the family logo, the white chairs, the burgundy pillows and curtains and the noble chandeliers reminds one of a castle.

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