Unique illuminated establishment

Furstenfeldbruck, Germany - 2016

The living room, a design as desired. From the planning, the designed drawings, to the finishes and the perfect result. A noble L-couch with two comfortable armchairs in a light golden shade, next to the panorama chimney, decorates the living room. The silver-colored curtains on the arched chrome bars and the indirect ceiling lighting with a surrounding light profile let the ambience shine. To hide cabling, a TV back wall was integrated, it is silver-coated with silver plates. Dining room, sideboard, TV sideboard and living room table are covered with Makassar veneer and bring an optical contrast to the shiny colors. Dressing and dressing cabinets, e.g. in the bedroom with the function as a room divider, can be used from both sides. This has created a lot of storage space and space for garments. Its elegantly decorated sliding doors are covered with silver plates. The inner life shines through integrated, indirect LED lighting. Again, and as in the living room are curtains in silver and chrome bar, wardrobe front in silver. The interplay of classically elegant colors such as silver, lighting in gold and a simple rectilinear texture of the furniture create a mix of classic and modern. A modern library as many people would like. Two bookshelves have been integrated into the corners of the open space in order to make perfect use of the space under the sloping roof. Many white lacquered compartments with one-side indirect lighting are available. The front edges are decorated with dark smokers and optically match the dark floor. As a contrast to this, an LED light was integrated into the baseboard all around the room. This indirect lighting creates a unique light mood and a wonderful cozy atmosphere for reading.

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