Stylishly upgraded apartment

Kassel, Germany - 2020

Arrive and feel good: As soon as you enter the apartment, the modern hallway welcomes residents and visitors alike. Built-in furniture with upholstered seating including velor cushions and a filigree cloakroom in a steel-wood combination harmonize perfectly with the reclaimed real wood floor. A look that is continued in the bedroom: Here, too, there is a similar day wardrobe furniture, which is discreetly restrained next to the noble marble wall lighting. A comfortable box spring bed with a color-coordinated velor headboard and floor-to-ceiling opaque curtains complement the luxury-style bedroom. In the en-suite bathroom, the complementary colored wall painting including waterproof wallpaper with a floral pattern is impressive. The black fittings and radiators are based on the interior design and do not compete with modern ceramics. A corresponding single-lever mixer and a quarter-circle washbasin are also used in the visitor's toilet. The suspended, dark-stained wooden ceiling with turned hemispheres, which simultaneously serves as indirect lighting and as a cover for ventilation, is striking. The central starting point is the round table in the dining room with a light ash wood top, which visually stands out from the dark herringbone parquet. The look of the combined design classic chairs with Viennese wickerwork and dark wood can also be found in the heating panels and the exclusive wine cabinet. In the adjoining living room, round, flowing shapes of the high-quality designer seating furniture and lamps meet impressively staged, linear bookshelves. Strict lines that can be found in the decorative, black radiator facing made of stone.

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