Exhibition of the apprentice journeyman's pieces


Our trainees made individual pieces of furniture for their final examination. We can proudly present this in our Showroom in Mindelheim, Rubihornstraße 4-6. Sinah Riedler made a walnut chest with six drawers. Three of them are painted light blue. The top glass plate and the modern silver drawer knobs enhance the chest of drawers. Christoph Götz created a designer living room table. The flat table with drawer has something special and was made with great attention to detail. Eleven times seven squares adorn the table top covered with a glass plate. The noble, dark brown, inscribed desk was carved by Lorenz Fischbach. The high-quality processed table top made of high-gloss makes a quite astonishing. In addition, a suspended desk compartment for various utensils was placed under the table. Sascha Simon has built a desk made of spruce. An L with full-length foot and a desk top, which is fixed on a desk with 3 drawers. The wardrobe of Anna-Maria Greis is a real eye-catcher. With its many extras such as antrazit-gray upholstered seat, two drawers, a strip rear panel for jackets and side compartments with gray lacquered fronts as a storage space, creates an unique challenge.